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Nankai  University is the first university that sets up the bachelor's degree  program of tourism in China, and also one of the first batch of units  that has the right of granting the academic master's degree and the  professional master's degree of Tourism Administration, and the doctor’s  degree of Tourism Administration.

Founded  in 2010, the College of Tourism and Service (TAS) has six majors, i.e.  tourism market, tourism enterprise, tourism ecology, tourism  information, service and recreation, exhibition economy and management,  and Chinese Tourism Market and Destination Marketing Research Center,  China and the United States Tourism Research Center, China Tourism Human  Resource and Occupation Development Center, China Marine Tourism  Research Center, “Nankai University -Tianjin University” tourism  planning and collaborative innovation Center, Tianjin agriculture  leisure tourism Research Center, Silk Road Tourism Research Center, the  Secretariat of National MTA educational guidance committee, China  Institute of Pacific Relations marine tourism committee and other  important research platforms, and has accumulated the rich research  achievements in the fields of national tourism image, poverty  alleviation through tourism, tourism industry integration, national  parks, MTA education, inbound tourism, red tourism and tourism  diplomacy, marine tourism, tourism industry associations administration.

According to the 13th Five-Year  Plan, the number of faculty members is going to reach 60 by the year of  2021 including 12-15 outstanding experts in their research field. TAS  is recruiting the talents with the academic backgrounds include but not  restrict to Hospitality and Tourism Management, Business Management,  Economics, City Planning, Human Geography, International Relates, Social  Science, etc.

On  the propose of improving the communication between Nankai and global  talents, TAS of Nankai University welcome the academia to attend the  ‘Nankai University “Tourism+” Academia Forum’ held on June 23-25 2017 in the Nankai University (Jinnan Campus) in Tianjin, China.

Call for Presenter

Researchers are invited to present their findings which involved:

1. The Holistic Tourism

2. The Pro-Poor Tourism

3. The Marine Tourism

4. The Silk Road Tourism

5. Tourism and I.T.

6. Any other Multi-Disciplines Areas

How to Participate

Please email a copy of documents to before 22nd May 2017.

1. The attached Return Receipt Form  Return Recipt.docx

2. A copy of Academic Resume

3. A List of Publish Papers

4. Five (5) Main Representative Papers

Key Dates

1. Deadline for document submission: 22nd May 2017

2. Participates check-in on: 23rd June 2017


The invited academia’ expenditure on transport, accommodation and meals in Nankai University will be covered by TAS.


Mr. WANG, Shan


Tel: +86-22-23012804

Address: No. 38 Tongyan Road, Haihe Edu. Park, Jinnan District, Tianjin, 300350, China