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There are 36 faculties in TAS. During the past years, faculties have received 4 national projects (granted by National Science Fund,  National Social Science Fund), 20 provincial projects (granted by  Ministry of Education, China National Tourism Administration, Tianjin  Municipal Government), 17 projects inside the university, 28 projects  from tourism corporations and published more than 100 academic papers.

The Tourism Market and Destination Marketing Research Center plays  a very important and active role in research. It has been pursuing the  strategic research priorities for the government and industry. Faculties  of the center have completed research reports on The Country’s Tourism Image of China (which is entrusted by CNTA), The National Exhibition Centre Feasibility Study (entrusted by Ministry of Commerce of the PRC),The Mechanism and Management for the National Park in China, and The Pro-Poor Tourism Development Planning in Mabian county, Sichuan province. All of them have gained appreciation and executed into practice well.

The Cooperative Innovation Center in Tourism between Nankai University and Tianjin University located  in TAS has combined the advantages in tourism and relative studies  from both universities and produced outstanding performances with the  highest impact on social and economic development. It is a new pattern  for universities in China to conduct joint study. We are also seeking  qualified partners from industry and abroad to join in the center. The  pattern is known as the 2011 Project which has been strongly encouraged by the Central Government and the MOE.

The Hainan International Tourism Island Development and Research Institute is  located in TAS. Faculties are sponsored to conduct research projects  for the local government and industry. For example, in 2012, we proposed  a holistic strategic planning for Sanya Municipal Government which  helps them clarify the industry development and city brand positioning.  The WTTC 2014 was held in Hainan. Nowadays, this island has been paid  intensive attentions globally. It will definitely bring us more  opportunities in research and consultancy for the better tomorrow of the  island.

The Journal of Tourism and Service Research has  published two issues. It is a new academic journal sponsored by TAS.  Editors are invited and gathered in the global range. The purpose of  this journal is to provide a window and platform for scholars from both  home and abroad to demonstrate their ideas and research performances.  Also, the journal is faced with the industry experiences from the  practices. Special issuessuch as Marine Tourism research, National Park research etc.will  try to meet the emerging needs from the decision makers in dealing with  the latest development in tourism and service industry.