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Founded by the patriotic educators Yan Xiu and Zhang Boling in 1919, Nankai University was the alma mater of our beloved Premier Zhou Enlai, and is the key universities of the “211 Project” and “985 Project” in China, and also the comprehensive and national key university directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education of the country. Nankai University adheres to the College motto of “dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each day”, carries forward the glorious tradition of “being patriotic, dedicated, innovative and sociable”, cultivates a large number of outstanding talents represented by Zhou Enlai, Chen Xingshen, Wu Dayou and Cao Yu, who have made important contribution to national revival and national prosperity and strength.

Nankai University is the first university that sets up the bachelor's degree program of tourism in China, and also one of the first batch of units that has the right of granting the academic master's degree and the professional master's degree of Tourism Administration, and the doctor’s degree of Tourism Administration, the secretariat of National Educational Instruction Committee of Professional Master Degree of Tourism Administration, owns strong scientific and research strength, rich social service and consulting research achievements, positively leads the tourism education reform and innovation, and cultivates a large number of outstanding talents, and makes important contribution to the tourism development of our country,

Founded in 2010, the College of Tourism and Service has six majors, i.e. tourism market, tourism enterprise, tourism ecology, tourism information, service and recreation, exhibition economy and management, and Chinese Tourism Market and Destination Marketing Research Center (cooperated with National Tourism Administration), China and the United States Tourism Research Center (cooperated with Temple University in the United States), China Tourism Human Resource and Occupation Development Center (cooperated withNational Tourism Administration), China Marine Tourism Research Center (cooperated with State Oceanic Administration), “Nankai University -Tianjin University”tourism planning and collaborative innovation Center (cooperated with the architectural design and planning research institute of Tianjin University), Tianjin agricultureleisure tourism Research Center (cooperated with Tianjin Agriculture Committee), Silk Road Tourism Research Center, the Secretariat of National MTA educational guidance committee, China Institute of Pacific Relations marine tourism committee and other important research platforms, and has accumulated the rich research achievements in the fields of national tourism image, poverty alleviation through tourism, tourism industry integration, national parks, MTA education, inbound tourism, red tourism and tourism diplomacy, marine tourism, tourism industry associations administration.

At present, there are 428 students at College, including 280 undergraduates, 121 postgraduates and 27 doctoral students, as well as 36 professional teachers, including 8 professors, 21 associate professors, 7 lecturers and 44 cadres. The professors Li Tianyuan, Bai Changhong, Shi Peihua, Xu Hong, Yao Yanbo, Li Hui, Ma Xiaolong and other academic leaders enjoy very high reputation in the academic circles in domestic. As the specially-appointed professor in the “Thousand Talents Program” of Tianjin, the professor Li Xiang from Temple University in the United States holds the director of China and the United States Tourism Research Center. The associate professors Chen Ye, Qiu Wei, Yi Zhibin and Yu Haibo, and the doctors Yang Dejin and Jiao Yan are selected into the national young experts training plan of National Tourism Administration.

In July 2015, as being led by Nankai University, the Modern Tourism Industry Development and Collaborative Innovation Center was formerly established through the joint participation of Zhongshan University, State Information Center and the Scientific and Technological Innovation Engineering Center of the National Tourism Industry, which the first collaborative innovation center of tourism in our country. According to the overall requirements of “urgent need of the country, first class in the world, advanced system and outstanding contribution” proposed in the “institutions of Higher Learning Innovation Ability Enhancement Plan”, the center closely centers on the three major targets of “the strategic pillar industry of national economy, the modern service industry that the masses feel more satisfied and the world tourism power”, focuses on the significant demand of the tourism industry development, gathers the excellent innovation teams and various innovation resources at all levels, innovates the talents training mode of tourism industry, deepens the international cooperation and communication, optimizes the innovation environment and improves the innovation capability that integrated with talents, subjects and scientific research, as being driven by the significant collaborative innovation task and guaranteed by the institutional mechanism reform.

Since being established 6 years ago, the College of Tourism and Service of Nankai University also has established relationships with many well-known international and domestic colleges. The College signed Walt Disney Theme Parks teaching internship program with Rosen College of Hospitality Management of University of Central Florida in the United States, the “3+1” double degree program for bachelors and masters with University of Surrey in UK, and “1+1” double degree program for masters with University of Glasgow in UK. Besides, the College also establishes the teacher communication and transnational research platforms with the University of South Carolina, Temple University, Oklahoma State University and Washington State University in the United States and the University of the Balearic Islands in Spain to cooperate in the education and research field of tourism and service administration.

In terms of industry cooperation, the College also maintains a long-term cooperation relationship with Hainan Airlines Tourism Group, Hainan Airlines Hotel Group, BES Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd., CITIC Guoan Investment Co., Ltd., Marriott Hotel Group, CYTS Rogan (Tianjin) International Commerce Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Mobile, Tencent Tourism Channel and other domestic and overseas well-known enterprises on the aspects of talent cultivation, practice base and joint studies.

The vision of the College: develop to be the leading tourism education college in China through the innovation mode.

The mission of the College: to become the creator and spreader of professional knowledge, the pathfinder of educational reform, the leader of tourism and service disciplines and the talent cultivation highland for tourism and service industry. (Up to February 21, 2017)