Nankai Tourism Alumni Association Held 2019 Work Seminar
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On the morning of March 24, Nankai Tourism Alumni Association's 2019 Work Seminar was held in Conference Room No. 134, College of Tourism and Service Management, Nankai University.

Sun Guowei, Vice President of the Association and President of the Beijing Branch, Chen Jiang, Vice President of the Association and President of the Shanghai Branch, Meng Tao, Member of the Development Committee, Su Hongyu, President of the Shenzhen Branch, Jiang Qing, President of the Xiamen Branch, Chairman Liu Min, Vice Chairman Hu Xiaolu, Secretary-General Mu Xueming, Standing Directors Liu Yanli, Feng Weiguo, Rong Wei, Ma Ning, Wang Peng, special guests Yu Qiang and Ma Yaning, together with Huanghao and Yang Tongtong from the Secretariat of Beijing Branch, Xu Hong, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Tourism and Service Management, Vice Dean Yao Yanbo and Liang Shuling from the Ministry of Department of Communications participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Liu Min.

The participants started by carrying out specific discussions and identified implementation programs in accordance with the requests of Guidance for the Alumni Associations of Nankai University to Conduct the Centennial Celebration: the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Regional Alumni Associations are jointly responsible for planning and hosting a high-level “Nankai Tourism Summit Forum”; the Shanghai and Xiamen Branches are responsible for organizing and hosting the “Hundred Boats to Compete, Hundred Years of Nankai” rowing activities; the Shanghai and Shenzhen Branches are responsible for taking the lead in hosting a 19.19 km hike as a tribute to the alma mater; each sub-secretariat is responsible for the compiling and reporting of alumni lists. Subsequently, the implementation of the bidding for the 6th Global Nankai Alumni Association President's Forum Parallel Forum was discussed and approved. A cultural and tourism integration development forum with the theme of “Enlai Shaoxing and Nankai Yaji” was to be applied by the Tourism Alumni Association and hosted by the Xiamen Branch. After the meeting, the application materials were to be submitted to the Alumni Association.

According to the agenda, the leaders of each branch summarized and sorted out the work since the establishment of the branch, and discussed and exchanged ideas on the future work plan. The Tourism Alumni Association has now set up five local branches. Each branch has made full use of its regional advantages, adhered to the principle of “profit, interest, and benefit” to carry out alumni service work, strengthened service functions, consolidated alumni strength, and benefited the development of Nankai University. More branches are scheduled to be established in Fuzhou, Tianjin and Shandong in the near future.

During the seminar, Secretary Xu Hong of the College of Tourism and Service Management briefed the alumni on the development of the college and some of the needs that required the assistance of alumni during the development process. She expressed hope for the alumni to continue to pay attention to the development of their alma mater and use the Tourism Forum, college development fund and other forms to strengthen interaction with their alma mater and grow together. Vice Dean Yao Yanbo introduced the college's teaching management and practice base construction. She hopes to establish strategic partnerships with more and better alumni companies, so as to promote exchanges between college and enterprises for a win-win development of colleges, alumni and society.