Our Teacher Published Paper in Top International Tourism Journal Tourism Management
发布人:王杉  发布时间:2019-04-30   浏览次数:10

Recently, the paper “Failure analysis of corporations with multiple hospitality businesseswith Professor Li Hui from our college as the first author and correspondence author, and completed in cooperation with the Hengyang Normal University teacher Xu Yuhui and Professor Li Xiang from the US Temple University and Professor Xu Hong from our college was accepted and published by Tourism Management, the top journal of the tourism discipline.

Through empirical research, this paper points out that the case-based deep-layer predictive model can effectively forecast the multi-business hospitality failures. The paper applies the bootstrapping non-parametric u-test method innovatively to determine the symptoms correlated with multi-business hospitality failures. By using the case-based deep-layer predictive analysis method, the prediction analysis of four stages of multi-business hospitality failures is carried out. The results show that: (1) compared with the traditional method, bootstrapping non-parametric u-test and case-based deep-layer predictive model can predict the multi-business hospitality failures more accurately, and (2) economic factors are the fundamental reasons for multi-business hospitality failures, among which, current assets and profitability are important short-term failure prediction indicators; solvency is an important indicator of long-term failure projections.

Tourism Management is the top journal in the field of tourism management, with an impact factor of 5.921. It is classified as a Q1 journal and is the most authoritative among all tourism journals.