Dr. Liao Minsheng, Vice Dean of Hainan Tropical Ocean University Lectured at Nankai Tourism Forum
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On the morning of March 2nd, Dr. Liao Minsheng, Faculty of Arts alumnus of 1992, Vice Dean of Hainan Tropical Ocean University and Assistant to the Dean of Ocean University of China visited our university, and gave a lecture entitled “Research on the Scientific Connotation and Epoch Value of the Strategic System of Maritime Power in Xi Jinping’s New Era”. Bai Changhong, Dean of Business School was present.

Professor Liao Minsheng has long been engaged in research of local development policies and has a wealth of work experience. During the lecture, he used detailed data and materials to sort out the development of General Secretary Xi Jinping's strategic thinking on maritime power, and interpreted the profound connotation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's strategic system of maritime power and the strategic path of building a maritime powerhouse from different angles, such as marine economy, marine science and technology, marine ecology, maritime security, maritime sovereignty and marine culture. The lecture showed the teachers and students the broad pattern of development of the national marine cause. In his concluding remarks, Professor Bai Changhong thanked Alumnus Liao Minsheng for returning to his alma mater for the lecture. He reviewed the theoretical and practical research conducted by Nankai Tourism Discipline on marine tourism in recent years, and encouraged students to plant their feet on solid ground, be forward-looking, focus on the ocean and set their eyes on the world under the guidance of the school motto: dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each passing day”, and make unique contribution of Nankai people to the development of National Ocean Strategy.

In the past few years, the students and teachers of the College of Tourism and Service Management have carried out a large number of theoretical research and practical services on marine tourism: in October 2015, the College published a book of the National Tourism think tank series -Ocean Tourism: Exploration of National Vision and Practice, which has aroused extensive repercussions in the industry. In June 2016, Pacific Society of China headed by the State Oceanic Administration formally approved the establishment of the Marine Tourism Professional Committee of the Pacific Society of China, which was supported by Nankai Collaborative Innovation Center for Modern Tourism Development and the College of Tourism and Service Management. On November 27th, the Professional Committee hosted the China (Haikou) Marine Tourism Forum at which the “Sustainable Development of Marine Tourism (South China Sea) Initiative” was introduced. The teachers and students carried out research on developing marine tourism for Fujian Pingtan, Guangxi, Tianjin Binhai and other regions, and have accumulated rich experience.