1991 Alumnus Yu Shuwei Donated RMB500,000 to the College
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On March 31st, the Education Foundation of Nankai University received a donation of RMB 500,000. The donor was Yu Shuwei, a 1991 alumnus of the Tourism Department of our College. The donation will be used for the establishment of International Exchange Scholarship for Students of the College of Tourism and Service Management, Nankai University, which aims to support the internationalization of talents cultivation at the college, encourage outstanding students to pursue internships in international organizations, participate in important international academic conferences, and cultivate innovative talents with an international perspective.

Alumnus Yu Shuwei was an undergraduate student of the Tourism Department in 1991. He spent 7 years in undergraduate and graduate studies in Nankai University. During his years of studies, he worked very hard. and published a paper in the Tourism Tribune, which was still influential today during his years of graduate studies. On January 12th this year, the Shanghai Branch of Nankai Tourism Alumni Association was officially established. At the inaugural ceremony, Alumnus Yu Shuwei recalled the memorable times of studying in Nankai, expressed his gratitude to the teachers and the university, as well as his willingness to provide help for the development of his alma mater and the development of students in the Tourism College at the time of the 100th anniversary. He expressed on the spot his intention to donate RMB500,000 for the development and construction of the College.

On April 10th, Professor Xu Hong, Party Secretary of the College of Tourism and Service Management, together with Teacher Liang Shuling from the College's Exchange and Cooperation Office, made a special trip to Shanghai to present Alumnus Yu Shuwei with a donation certificate and a commemorative plate named “A Carp (Gift) from Nankai” about the donation made by Zhang Boling, the late President of Nankai University. During the discussion and exchange, Yu Shuwei not only recalled the experience of studying at the university and entering the society, as well as the process of constantly trying to overcome difficulties, but also put forward his own suggestions for the College’s education reform based on his own experience. His words revealed a feeling of gratitude for his alma mater. Secretary Xu Hong spoke highly of Yu Shuwei’s kind donation and expressed the sincere gratitude on behalf of the college. She hopes that this donation will play the role of a seed, which will not only bring more alumni attention and help the college continue to grow, but also plant a feeling of gratitude in the hearts of students, so that they will study hard to improve the capability to serve the society, and become excellent socialist builders and successors.

Alumnus Yu Shuwei was moved by the special trip of Secretary Xu and Teacher Liang, and the fact that they would have to travel back on the same day. He introduced the course of his hard work after graduation. He mentioned that he had been deeply encouraged by the spirit of his alma mater on his career path. The experience of studying in Nankai had been the source of motivation for his career development. In particular, he was very proud to see today’s development of the College, and he would like to make his own modest contribution to the development of his alma mater. This was also his wish to thank and give back to his alma mater. He hoped that more alumni would join him in the efforts to cultivate talents and endeavor for a better tomorrow for the Tourism College.

Alumnus Chen Jiang, Vice President of Nankai Tourism Alumni Association and the President of Shanghai Branch also took part in the meeting. President Chen Jiang said that he would take Alumnus Yu Shuwei as an example, take the centennial celebration as an opportunity to actively explore new models and new paths to help the development of the College, and contribute to the development of the alma mater.

It is known that the College of Tourism and Service Management Development Fund under Tianjin Nankai University Education Foundation will be officially launched following the donation made by Alumnus Yu Shuwei (http://nkuef.nankai.edu.cn/n/2736.html). The development fund will mainly be used for student training, discipline construction, teaching conditions construction, teaching staff building, caring for retired teachers, alumni work and other self-determined programs.