Students of College of Tourism and Service Management Went to Beijing for On-site Teaching Activities
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On March 27th, the College organized undergraduates of 2018 to go to Beijing Zhongxin Tourism Group for a day’s on-site teaching activities.

Mr. Wang Chunfeng, Vice President of Zhongxin Tourism Group, President of Nankai Tourism Alumni Association and 1983 Alumni of the Tourism Department, delivered a speech on behalf of the Group and warmly welcomed the teachers and students of the College. Alumnus Wang Chunfeng introduced the vast opportunities and huge market potential facing the development of the tourist service industry in our country, as well as the urgent need for tourism management professionals. Students of the College are welcome to enter the tourism industry and join Zhongxin Tourism Group after graduation.

During the sharing session, Manager Ma Nan gave an introduction on the operation and management of Zhongxin Tourism Group from the company's business and development processes and other aspects so that the students would have a full understanding of the Group's all-around and integrated development. Zhang Xuejiao, Manager of the Human Resource Department shared with the students on career planning. Through several interesting cases, the students realized that a successful career can not be achieved without constant efforts. She also shared the ways to make good choices and planning for their future career, to do a good job in goal management at different stages of life, which aroused deep thinking among the students.

During the “Getting Close to the Tutors” session, several outstanding employees of Zhongxin Tourism Group came into different groups and introduced the work content of their own fields. Afterwards, the students carried out group discussions and prepared mind maps. The groups sent representatives for presentations. The students' ability to obtain information quickly and present clearly and fluently in a short time won applause from persons in charge of the Group. After the interactive activities, the students took photos with the tutors, and some also have the tutors’ contact information for the purpose of deep exchanges in the future.

In the afternoon, the students were divided into groups and visited the offices of the company under the guidance of persons in charge, they also had a tour around the modern and humanistic office building of Zhongxin Group. The on-site teaching activities came to an end after the tour. Through this activity, the students had obtained a preliminary understanding of the tourism enterprises, with full of confidence and expectation of the major of tourism management as well as their future careers.

Associate Professor and tutor of classes 2018 Li Xiaoyi, Dr. Liang Sai, Dr.Zhang Rouran, Teacher Zhang Yaping from the office of Teaching and Scientific Research and Teacher Li Hui, the Secretary of Youth League Committee joined the students for the event.