Our School's teachers and students participated in Annual Meeting of China Tourism Research Institute 2018 & Cross-strait Tourism Seminar
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On December 21, 2018, "Annual Meeting of China Tourism Research Institute 2018 & Cross-strait Tourism Seminar" was held in Xiamen University under the direction of Dai Bin (dean of China Tourism Research Institute) with over 150 participants, including the representatives of 16 branches of China Tourism Research Institute nationwide (such as Nankai University, Zhongshan University, Xiamen University and Yunnan Planning Research Institute), research base membership units and delegates from 5 inspective units and cross-strait tourism experts. Chen Ye (deputy director of tourism market and destination marketing research base and associate professor of our School) has made the introduction in the perspective of the international exchange and cooperation, construction of lab, tourist research in coordinated with CNTA, all-in-one tourism, tourist marketing, analysis for big data of tourism, tourist social services and research on destination marketing of tourism, subjected to the research base in 2017. Also, he has made some much plan and expectation toward the research that would be held in 2018 on the tourism market and marketing in destinations. Besides, Associate Professor CHEN also implemented relevant report sharing in the discussion forum focusing on promotion strategies for planned and inbound tourism and product marketing innovation research. On December 22, Associate Professor CHEN delivered a speech in the forum for the development of inbound tourism and shared his opinions on issues regarding promotion strategies for inbound tourism and innovative marketing of relevant products. During the seminar, the representatives of our School implemented extensive academic exchanges and cooperative discussions with the representatives of the branches, research bases of China Tourism Research Institutes and other relevant experts.