Professor Shi Peihua delivered a speech in CATS Industry Development Forum 2017
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On December 20, "CATS Industry Development Forum 2017" sponsored by CATS was successfully convened in Zhangzhou. During the industrial pageant, many guests (including experts and scholars, industrial leaders and technical masters) were invited to deliver keynote speeches in terms of the topic “new era, new supply and demand and new ecology”, ShiPeihua (professor and doctoral tutor of Nankai University and secretary general of Chinese tourism think tank) was specially invited to deliver a speech in terms of the theme “guiding new era”.

SHI Peihua pointed out that after entering the era of mass tourism, the industry of travel agency has become life-oriented service industry and living in different areas has become normality, and thus we find that the value of travel agency is to find demands, integrating resources and creating experience. Travel agency enterprises need to establish four thinking patterns: first one goes to the ecological thinking, namely forming a modernized ecological system in the era of sharing economy characterized by co-construction, mutual benefits and sharing through achieving professional cooperation, platform co-construction, ecological sharing and value chain connection in the era featured by ecosphere cooperation, and the ecological thinking is a basis for current thinking; second one goes to the financial thinking, namely how to have resources turned into products that can be consumed, separated and enlarged on the basis of finance; third one goes to the Internet thinking;  the last one goes to the service thinking. Tourism industry is the leading one among all others in service industry.     

As our life becomes increasingly scenerized, experience-oriented, pleasure-oriented and dramatic, dynamic products will be more and more valuable. Seeing from this perspective, the task of travel agency, to a large degree, is to create internal contents in life, for we  have scenarios, spaces, scenic areas and towns,  without much sufficient consumption products and contents that can be experienced.    

In the IP era dominated by contents, products and consumption experience, the field of tourist agency has exceeded other fields in the tourism industry in terms of value creation. We should redefining the industry chain integration, operation in destinations,  taking integrating management for marketing in destinations, taking the market as hitting-point, taking the service as value, utilizing the integration methods, then, utilizing the chain of industry, value and ecosphere platform, building a new platform of development. Branding,  using trademark and mercerization together with IP, prolonging the value and the chain of industry to the related products, so as to forming   the systematic application.