Notes on 2017 Tianjin Forum · Conference of Dialogues Between Urban Managers
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The “conference of dialogues between urban manages” (a sub-forum of 2017 Tianjin forum) jointly undertaken by the School of Tourism and Service Management of Nankai University and China Urban Newspaper under People's Daily was successfully held in the afternoon of July 7. Themed by “dialogues between urban managers: challenges faced by international metropolis and corresponding solutions”, the forum, starting from the background of globalization, discussed such issues regarding international metropolis as how to bear corresponding globalization responsibilities, how to clearly recognize their roles in global major developments, and which kinds of advantages to cultivate for the realization of sustainable development, which kinds of risks to prevent and control and which kinds of mistakes to avoid, and the purpose of the sub-forum is to jointly promote multidisciplinary researches on the development and governance of international metropolis.     

Over then experts and scholars from political, commercial and academic circles attended the forum, and they centrally discussed “challenges faced by international metropolis and corresponding solutions”, an important topic with extensive reference value and strong era significance, with the purpose of supplying policy suggestions and decision-making references to the development of international metropolis and regional governance.    

It is said that “Tianjin Forum 2017” was cosponsored by Nankai University and  Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, and it is another high-end academic exchange forum designated by urban name following Beijing Forum and Shanghai Forum. The forum is designed to improve the research level of scholars from China and Northeast Asian Region in terms of Northeast Asian Region and its integration based on the multidisciplinary in-depth discussions of foreign and domestic famous scholars, dignitaries and elites from the circle of business and other circles of life, thus supplying countermeasure suggestions to the development of Northeast Asian Region and its integration.