The course of Exhibition Management with interactive experience jointly developed by school-run enterprises
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Nankai News reported (Reporter: Wei Nan) When LEGO blocks sweeping the world meets the course called “Festival&Special Event Planning and Management”, what wonderful sparks will burst forth? More than 30 students together with Cheng Hongbo, a young teacher of Exhibition Management Department, and Feng Dongjian, general manager of Joyful Maker (Tianjin) Ltd., Co., collectively created a wisdom class with full of new ideas in the 4th Exhibition Laboratory of College of Tourism and Service on May 8, 2017.

The theme of this class is “Planning for Prime Site of Exhibition”. Cheng Hongbo and Feng Dongjian showing from the perspective of exhibition planners combined professional theoretical knowledge with plan layout of typical exhibition events and line graph for stream of people, discussed together with students on how to bring the perfect exhibition and visiting experience to exhibitors and professional visitors through planning of prime site, so that the exhibition effect can be made to the best. Under the guidance of teachers, students referred to plan layout and scene photos of Job Fair in TianjinInternationalExhibitionCenter, Meijiang Auto Show, Tianjin Beer Festival and other exhibition events, particularly learnt the important spatial elements of standard exhibition position, landing hall, moving lines and others in the planning of prime site.

After learning basic theoretical knowledge, the exciting part of simulation training in class- Design Challenge for 5000 square meters started. The students in class were divided into four teams. The task was to finish the layout of exhibition position with LEGO blocks in an exhibition hall. Two teachers judged students’ layout results by exhibition earnings, number of different exhibition positions, speed and other aspects. Students thought and tried actively, eventuallyfinished the planning and layout of prime site in an exhibition hall through feasibility analysis and mathematical calculation as well as relying on teamwork. Two teachers commented on each team’s works one by one and students summed up experience, analyzed shortcomings and further understood the theoretical knowledge in practice. When the bell rang, students were reluctant to leave the classroom, still communicated and discussed with two teachers around derivative problems in practice. The learning atmosphere was very strong.

Introduced by Cheng Hongbo, the layout of simulation exhibition positions used by LEGO blocks was a teaching method that was intuitive, effective and popular with students, which had great enlightenment on the course innovation of exhibition speciality. At present, Exhibition Management Department in College of Tourism and Service working with Joyful Maker (Tianjin) Ltd., Co. jointly develop a new course combining application with innovation research based on LEGO blocks technology, which will finalize all designs of teaching plan prior to commencement of next school year. By then, students in Exhibition Economy and Management can learn basic knowledge, operate by themselves and explore the new discoveries at the same time in strong interactive teaching laboratory.

Li Zhong, Vice Secretary and Vice President of Party Committee, said, the new course with the style of interactive experience jointly developed by school-run enterprises led industrial intelligence into classroom teaching, which was conducive to students getting ideas about their major corresponding to the situation of industrial development in advance, enhancing professional awareness, improving sense of identity of major, further stimulating students’ initiative learning ability, practical ability and innovative ability.