Professor Shao Qiwei Attened the 4th Global Nankai Alumni Association President Forum and made a keynote speech
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Nankai Alumni Association the 6th Council 2017 (enlarged) Meeting & the 4th Global Nankai Alumni Association President Forum with the theme of “Centenary Naikai•Colourful Yunnan” was held in Kunming InterContinental from May 20-21, 2017.

Shao Qiwei, member of Standing Committee of CPPCC National Committee, former chief of National Tourism Administration, former president of China Tourism Association (CTA) and Adjunct Professor of Nankai University, made a keynote speech of “Forecast of China Tourism Development in 2049” for alumni in Global Nankai Alumni Association President Forum on May 21, 2017. Bai Changhong, Dean of College of Tourism and Service in Naikai University, chaired the meeting.

Current situation and development forecast of Chinese tourism industry was analyzed for Nankai alumni on the spot and live broadcasting platform around the theme of “Development Trend of Chinese Tourism Industry” in this forum.

Introduced by Shao  Qiwei, Chinese tourism industry makes an all-round development and attains the remarkable achievements. China has become the largest outbound tourist source country in the world and the fouth largest inbound tourist host country in the world. Chinese tourism industry is developing into a strategic pillar industry of national economy gradually. By 2050, the number of people in tourism market will exceed 10 billion and the average number of each person going for a journey in a year will hit 10 times. The total income of tourism will break through 10 trillion yuan and the rate of comprehensive contribution to national economy will reach 16%. It is predicted that China will usher in an ear of national tour by 2049. Leisure travel and tour will become the main consumption field. The level of development and utilization for various tourist resources will be improved greatly. A large number of enterprises and brands with international competitive power will emerge. Scientific and technological innovation will be the main driving force for the development of tourism. The level of tourism education, the satisfaction of tourists, the level of civilized tourism of tourists and the international influence of Chinese tourism industry will be promoted comprehensively, so that international tourism cooperation will run up to a new level.

At the end of speech, Shao Weiqi summed up the development features of Yunnan tourism industry. He held that there were features from 3 aspects with regard to Yunnan tourism industry: The diversity of natural resources and diversity of national culture highly merge. The consciousness of tourism industrialization in all levels of cadres and consciousness of national tour highly agree. The scenic spots with high natural endowments throughout the province highly gather. He believed, in the new historical period, Yunnan province can fully grasp the development trend of international and domestic tourism, adhere to focusing on quantity and quality both and accelerate striding development of tourism from big to strong.