Master of Tourism Administration
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MTA, Master of Tourism Administration, is the education program set up by the Ministry of Education since 2010, with the aim of cultivating high-level applied talents in tourism and relevant industries. Different from academic master, the education objectives of MTA are to center on the practice and application of tourism specialty, cultivate the applied, high level and practical special talents who own solid theoretical foundation of tourism, the sense of social responsibility and the professional quality of tourism, possess international view and strategic thinking capability, and adapt to the practical work demand of modern tourism industry. MTA education belongs to on-the job learning, the students usually complete the required courses and achieve required credits, are academically qualified, complete the master graduation dissertation and pass the thesis defense organized by Nankai University, and will be granted with the state-issued master graduation certificate and degree certificate through the approval of the academic degrees committee of the university within two to three years.

At present, MTA program of Nankai University has five professional research orientations, including the management of scenic area, the management in tourism corporations, tourism marketing management, public service management tourism and the leadership of tourism. The teachers are composed of the teachers from Nankai University, the partner institutes in Europe and America and the leaders in tourism industry, make great efforts to provide the cutting-edge theoretical knowledge, the most vivid case experience and the most authentic practical hot topics, and cultivate talents for the strategic pillar industry of tourism.